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The Origin of Skeeter Creek Fabricators


In I998 my vocation of an Automobile Mechanic came to end after suffering an arm injury. Relying on my God given gifts of creativity came the birth to what is now known as Skeeter Creek Fabricators. At that time having only some old barn boards and rusted roofing tin I began to construct birdhouses to replicate Old Midwestern Barns and other rural structures of the past. They caught the attention of some local news media that gave way to an article in the Chicago Tribune's Home and Garden Section on April 15th, 2001, entitled "On a Wing and a Prayer", and now Skeeter Creek Fabricators is online. 

My Medium


I use many different mediums such as wood, metal and paints to create the effects and looks of the current work that makes it a unique piece. Each work is an original piece in and of itself.  In creating each piece by hand no two works are exactly alike.

My Inspiration


 It seems my best memories are of those of growing up on the farm in rural Iowa. Even the smell of a barn, as a walk through, brings back memories today. It reminds me of when I was a kid played in the haymow, the baby calves in which I used to get in the pens and play with. In getting older my thoughts go to the baling of hay with friends and neighbors. The going on adventures along the banks of Mosquito Creek that meandered through our farm, or Skeeter Creek as the locals called her, this all inspired  the name Skeeter Creek Fabricators. Skeeter Creek from my past and Fabricators as one who make things. This all is summed in my motto that keeps me creating and , "Building Memories".                               Ken Bose

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